1/2 Lb of hashed brown potatoes (Fresh or Frozen)
3 Large eggs
3 Slices of Bacon
2 Maple pork sausage links (MAPLE is very important to this recipe)
1 Cup Suasage or Pepper Gravy.
Salt/Pepper/Season Salt/Butter/Tobasco for seasoning
Cook and Pepper Bacon on large Gridlle.
When Bacon is almost done. Add suasage links and allow them to brown
Remove Bacon and Suasage, Set aside and allow it to drain.
Evenly coat griddle with remainging grease.
Spread hashbrowns around so the form and even layer not more then 1/2inch thick
Salt the entire area of hashbrowns twice. The return and dust with seasoned salt
Let the hashbrowns cook for approx 5 mins before flipping and cooking on the other side
Salt the hasbrowns again
Now is a good time to start up the suasage gravy/pepper gravy
Now is also the time to scramble the eggs and cook them.
As you have free time, break up the now cooled bacon and suasage.
Layer the ingredients as follows
Hashbrowns 1st
Eggs 2nd
Broken up pork products 3rd
Gravy 4th
Salt Pepper and tobasco last
Mix up and enjoy.